What Stress Does To Your Body and How To Tackle These Issues?

Since times immemorial we have heard people tell us that stressing causes wrinkles and it is not just a myth, and it is, in fact, true. Stress does cause not only wrinkles but a range of beauty problems that age you beyond your years. Today we will be discussing these along with how to tackle these issues.

Losing your hair:

Hair loss is a sign of aging, and stress can cause it by modifying the hair follicle’s growth stage from active to resting you get sudden hair loss. This switch stays flipped for about three months, during which you lose a lot of hair. But instead of stressing further on this issue, stay calm because after three months your hair will start growing back.


A hormone called cortisol is responsible for a number of things including collagen breakdown, which makes it harder for your skin to repair itself naturally when you are in a state of stress the cortisol production increases. This can be decreased by getting plenty of sleep and starting regular exercise, within a short time the damage will be reversed. 


Even adults can experience acne due to stress; then this is probably because of stress hormones. While picking these pimples may feel like a good way of relieving your stress, try not to do it since it will make your breakouts even worse.

Weird Allergies:

Histamines are one of the primary reasons behind your allergic reactions to things, and stress hormones help in releasing histamines. They trigger lots of problems like asthma and can cause skin disorders as well.

Mood Swings:

Stress leads to an imbalance in hormones sometimes, and that can influence mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, etc. to tackle this we have to figure out a way to control stress, so our hormones are kept in check.

Tired, Puffy Eyes:

Like we have discussed earlier stress can cause sleepless nights. However, sleep is key in keeping you healthy and glowing. During it your body replenishes everything, so when you have a disturbed sleep cycle due to stress, it results in you having tired looking, puffy eye bags or dark circles.


The constant flow of cortisol when you are in a state of stress also causes a dip in estrogen which is similar to the one that occurs during menopause, even if you still experience periods, this drop in estrogen means less collagen and less moisture which will make your skin look dull and dry.


You may be wondering what is the remedy to all of these problems. Firstly you have to try to not to feel overwhelmed by anything you encounter. You have to realize that you are in fact in control of everything even when it feels like you are not, and you have to find out ways to handle your stress. Once your mind is at peace, your outer appearance will start improving with it, and you will start feeling healthier, and happier.